Home Organizing:
  • We help you sort, organize and clean up your belongings and spaces to reduce clutter.
  • Together, we create organizational systems according to your specific needs, and maximize space by creating efficient use of
        closets, cabinets, and storage space.
  • We teach you organizing skills and techniques that will help you maintain your newly organized space.
  • We organize your kitchen and pantry, closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, home office, outdoor living spaces, craft room, garage,
        or any space you need organized.
  • I can help you create harmony and balance by integrating intuitive feng shui in your home or office organizing project.
  • I can do your shopping for organizinational products or furniture at a reasonable fee.

  • Relocation services:
  • Need help moving? We help you with unpacking boxes and organizing your personal belongings after a move.
        No more hassle unpacking boxes and organizing, we do it for you!

  • Re-Design:
  • We transform your space into something truly special by using and rearranging your existing furniture, accessories,
         and artwork in a new way, giving your home a fresh new look!

    Let me help you with your organizing projects!

  • Call me for a free phone consultation!
    954 881 3046

    Cash, Checks, Credit/Debit Card or PayPal accepted. You may purchase any amount you desire by clicking the appropriate button below:

    Our base fee is $ 65 per hour for organizing or for shopping.
    Buy time in $65 Increments  

    If your organizing project requires more than 12 hours, please ask for our special discount!

    Call us at 954 881 3046 for more information