Zensible Organizing is a professional home organizing company. We help our clients by providing home organizing and storage solutions, ideas, and products.

We help you de-clutter your space, create systems that work for you, and teach you how to maintain your newly organized space. We help with relocation, moving, packing and unpacking, and provide specialized organizing services for the elderly.

Ximena Lopez, owner, says, “As a professional home organizer, I help you sort, purge and clean up your mess, whether it is closet space, rooms, garages, or your entire house. I also will organize your office to better utilize your space, save time, and help you become more efficient and productive. I will help you create harmony and balance by integrating intuitive feng shui in your home or office organizing project”.
As a Home Organizing company, we help you:
  • Get your space Organized
  • Become Clutter free
  • Simplify your life
  • Use your space Efficiently
  • Feel more Relaxed
  • Regain Order and Control over your space
  • Be more Productive and Creative
  • By providing Elderly Services – moving and organizing

Ximena Lopez
Professional Home Organizer - Owner

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